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His Inspiration Through Me: Volumes 1&2 Ebook


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His Inspiration Through Me: Volumes 1&2 introduces Mujiba S. Parker's insights on the power of choice and faith as well as the importance of submitting to God. By understanding these concepts, everyone can use the inspirational messages in this book to help live their lives to the fullest. In this ebook, Mujiba S. Parker explains how we have the power to change our lives and should use it wisely. Here's some of what you'll learn from this powerful ebook: 

  • How you can ALWAYS receive blessings
  • Where prosperity comes from
  • The biggest common mistake to avoid living a tragic life
  • The first step to fulfilling your divine plan
  • How to know what is right for you
  • What you must understand BEFORE you can ever be successful
  • What NOT to resist in order to get what you want
  • Two factors that will make you different from those who constantly worry
  • Who you really are
  • How to strengthen your relationship with God
  • The roles faith and choice play in your life
  • And more!

"...I was not only educated and inspired, I was empowered by your collection of thoughts. Your message of hope will help all of us stay the course. Everyone can benefit from reading [Mujiba's] well thoughout words." - George Fraser, Ohio, Author, Click: Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships

"...His Inspiration Through Me is a must read!...Parker has done an excellent job ensuring that her book covers all aspects of topics that affect our lives and our relationship with God -- from choice to faith to obedience -- and how each of these makes our lives one we truly can enjoy living when we understand and put them into practice. His Inspiration Through Me is ministry, inspiration and empowerment at it's finest...." - Marina Woods, Illinois, Good Girl Book Club

"His Inspiration Through Me is beautiful. Profound thoughts that provoked inner conversation. Thanks for writing it." - Rena Delevie, Business Consulant

"What a powerful token of how written words and faith in God give us courage to share the strength of thought through inspiration. This book is composed of enduring messages of faith, beautifully shared and written, to enlighten and comfort humans of any faith. According to Parker's book, the need to stop worrying, the importance of finding happiness, and the constant benefits of seeking peace, are attainable by reaching out to the Lord. Pondering just one message a day can open doors to a new life of faith in God and inspire many to share their thoughts in written form as Parker did so wonderfully." - Caroline Hill, New Jersey

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His Inspiration Through Me: Volumes 1&2 Ebook

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