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Use Your Mind to Achieve YOUR Success!TM Ebook


You Too Can Live the Life You Desire!

Use Your Mind to Achieve YOUR Success!TM will show you how to make real positive changes that lead to your success. In this ebook (transcribed from Mujiba's motivational CD), you will learn how to:

  • Discover your passions and purpose in life
  • Strengthen your relationship with God
  • Change the direction of your life
  • Become more powerful through choice and faith
  • Never let fear hold you back
  • Get your prayers answered

"If you had any questions after reading The Secret's Law of Attraction like I did, such as "Where is God in all this?", "Is the law a secular law", and "Is this all about me?", Mujiba's motivational CD answers with biblical chapter and verse. Mujiba gets succinctly to the point. Great job!" - Hugh Williams, New Jersey


"...I got goosebumps when I listened to [Mujiba's] testimony...Wow! Strong and powerful message indeed.I was blessed by it and will continue to play it over and over." - Anita Myles, Gospel Artist


"Transform your mind and change everything in your life.This is the message success that is shared by Mujiba Salaam Parker in her latest motivational CD. In Use Your Mind to Achieve YOUR Success!TM Mujiba shows you how to connect with the power in your mind, and use your thoughts, words, and actions to achieve your success." - Roger Madison, Ohio,

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Use Your Mind to Achieve YOUR Success!TM Ebook

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