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Pay Off Your Mortgage FAST and Save 100,000 or More!

  • This is for you if you want to pay off your 30-year mortgage much faster and achieve financial freedom.
  • This is for you if you want to save $100,000 or more in interest and mortgage insurance payments.
  • This is for you if you don’t like being in debt and want to become debt-free.
  • This is you if you want to enjoy a great peace of mind by owning your home free and clear.

In America, mortgages were created in the early 1930s by insurance companies to take advantage of borrowers during the Great Depression. If the borrower failed to keep payments current, the insurance company took ownership of the property. In fact, the word “mortgage” literally means “a death pledge”. The pledge dies when either the loan is paid off or the borrower defaults.

Currently, there are multiple types of mortgages, but they are all designed for the lender to make a lot of money from the borrower over time. Mortgages are amortized so that starting at the beginning of the loan, more interest is paid than the principal. According to the amortization table, it takes 17 years before you start paying more principal than interest on a $200,000 30-year mortgage at 5%. This means that when deciding to pay off a mortgage, it is better to start making additional principal payments as soon as possible.The results are paying less interest on the principal, and you’ll save more money over the life of the loan.

Many people have 30-year mortgages and majority of homeowners would take the full 30 years to pay back the loan if they decided to keep that home. And often, homeowners refinance their mortgages and start over again with a new 30-year mortgage after having made payments on the old one for years. (I did it too when I refinanced after paying on my previous mortgage for almost 5 years!) And to make matters worse, some people will pay back nearly double or maybe even triple the price of the home over the span of 30 years, depending on the interest rate. For example, a 30-year $200,000 mortgage at 5% will costs $386,511 in total monthly payments, nearly double the amount of the loan. The higher the interest rate, the more the total payments will be.

Even further, if you pay less than 10% of the purchase price as a downpayment deposit, a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan requires mortgage insurance premium payments for the entire life of the loan, which can’t be canceled. These insurance payments help the lender from losing money in the event you default on the loan. So for the above example, the total mortgage insurance payments would be approximately $39,000, making the total payments on the home $425,511. This is more than double the $200,000 mortgage amount. The sooner you pay off this FHA mortgage, you will save nearly $200,000.

The reason I created the How I Paid Off My 30-Year Mortgage in Less Than 3 Years! Report is to teach you how to reduce the total amount of interest and mortgage insurance as well as the total amount of time you will pay on your mortgage. You will benefit from using the 8 steps in this report by saving $100,000 or more, depending on your loan amount and interest rate.

Proof That I Paid Off My Mortgage:

The 2 pictures below illustrate that as of December 8, 2023, I paid off my $164,495 mortgage in only 33 months (360-327 months). I saved almost $65,000 in interest payments by paying my mortgage off early, and I had the lowest interest rate in U.S. history at 2.65%. If you have a higher interest rate, you’ll save even more money on the same loan by retiring your mortgage fast. In addition, I saved roughly $32,000 in mortgage insurance because as you can see below, I had a FHA residential loan. This means that I would have paid nearly $100,000 in additional interest and mortgage insurance if I would have continued to pay for the remaining 27 years. 

My Process Is Better Than the Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment

You may have heard about making bi-weekly mortgage payments, but my process is much faster. Making bi-weekly mortgage payments shaves off 5 years of mortgage payments for a $200,000 30-year mortgage with an interest rate of 5%. This is because you are making one additional mortgage payment per year with bi-weekly payments. I’ll show you how you can access more money to pay off your principal faster. Instead of shortening your mortgage by 5 years, you could use my process to pay off your mortgage in only 5 years!


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You can use these same 8 steps to pay off your mortgage FAST!

To pay off your mortgage fast, you must commit to making additional principal-only payments. In my new report, I’ll describe in step-by-step detail how you can receive more income and funds to make additional principal-only payments, without adding any new debt. And no, I didn’t win the lottery. Once you discover the 8 steps I’ll share, you’ll be fascinated by how easy it is to pay off your mortgage faster. It is such a blessing to not have to pay a mortgage anymore! I want you to experience this feeling too.

Learn how to become one of the few people who own their homes outright quickly.

Don’t let a mortgage company or bank take advantage of you! Get your copy of the How I Paid Off My 30-Year Mortgage in Less Than 3 Years! Report and apply the information. Saving all of this money by not paying a lot of interest and mortgage insurance will help you now and during your retirement years.

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, roughly 38% of owner-occupied housing units are owned outright. However, a mere 26.4% of homeowners under 65 own their homes free and clear.  By using my fast process, you can be one of less than 1/3 of Americans under the age of 65 who own their homes mortgage free.

A Few Things to Consider…

Since many people have significant credit card debt, I want to offer a suggestion. If you have a large amount of credit card debt with a very high interest rate, you may want to consider getting a personal consolidation loan at a much lower interest rate to pay off that debt with a fixed term. I would not recommend refinancing your mortgage with a cash payout to pay your credit card debt because you would be starting another 30-year mortgage. This causes you to pay closing costs again and even more interest in the beginning on the new, higher loan amount due to amortization.

Prior to 2017, the standard deduction was low enough for many homeowners to take advantage of itemized deductions on their federal income taxes. However, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed in 2017 and nearly doubled the standard deduction. With a much higher standard deduction, it no longer makes sense for many homeowners to itemize their mortgage interest and property taxes. For example, the 2023 standard deduction is $13,850. Most single filers will not exceed that amount in mortgage interest and property taxes. Unless the single filers have more deductions, it would not benefit them to claim the standard deduction.

Lastly, although you may make money by choosing to invest more funds in the stock market rather than making additional principal-only payments on your mortgage, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay taxes on the income you make from that investment versus saving all of the interest and mortgage insurance you would have been paying over a longer period of time. And you do not have to pay taxes on all of the interest and mortgage insurance that you will save. Another thing to think about is that you are taking a risk in the stock market; you can win or lose. But if you decide to pay off your mortgage fast, you are definitely saving a lot of money. It’s your choice.

So if you’re ready to learn how to access additional funds, without creating more debt, and also save money by not paying a lot of interest and mortgage insurance payments, click the “I want this!” button!

What do you have to lose?

You can either:

1) continue to pay a lot of interest and mortgage insurance,

2) use the bi-weekly mortgage payment option to shave off a few years on your mortgage, or

3) let me show you how to use additional money, from multiple sources, without going into debt and save $100,000 or more in interest and mortgage insurance payments.

And to make this offer even more valuable, I have decided to give you my ebook,The Universal Attraction System: How to Easily Attract Your Desires FAST! as a FREE BONUS. I used the principles in this powerful book, which opened my eyes, to see all of the opportunities that I will be sharing in step-by-step detail with you in the report. You'll also receive The Universal Attraction System companion workbook for FREE.

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A Practical Guide to Achieving Mortgage Freedom

"How I Paid Off My 30-Year Mortgage in Less Than 3 Years!" by Mujiba Salaam Parker is a no frills guide for anyone who wants to drop their mortgage faster and save lots of money as they do it. Parker speaks directly to those who want to be debt-free, save over $100,000 in interest, and experience the peace of mind that comes with owning a home outright. 

Her advice consists of 8 (Well, 9 with a bonus step) steps that will help you achieve this. Step 1 is this: Decide that you are paying off your mortgage early. Don’t worry about how it will happen. As anyone who has read a book about manifesting or the law of attraction will know, setting a goal to aim for is a crucial first step.

The [report] first deals with the history of mortgages, showing where they come from during the Great Depression and why even the term itself is connected to a rather morbid concept. Parker then dives into the contemporary mortgage scene, clarifying the complexities and revealing how these loans are structured to make lenders rich over time. She breaks down the numbers in clear, easy to understand terms. The results are astonishing!

Parker's strength lies in urging readers to take action early. She emphasizes the importance of making extra payments from the get-go, and breaks down how this strategy helps pay down the principal faster and saves money in the long run. The [report] is backed by Parker's own success story, complete with proof of mortgage payoff, adding a level of credibility to her approach that many finance guides often lack. Parker's personal journey, from bankruptcy to homeownership, adds a relatable touch to the [report]. Her real-life examples and money-saving tips make the guide more than just financial advice – it's a toolkit for practical financial management.

A significant part of the [report] is dedicated to dispelling the myths around mortgage refinancing. Parker warns against falling into the trap of resetting the mortgage clock, a common pitfall that many homeowners face. Through clear financial breakdowns, she shows how failing to pay attention can result in paying double or even triple the home's initial cost over 30 years.

The [report] boldly challenges the popular advice of making bi-weekly mortgage payments, proposing a more accelerated process. Parker introduces an eight-step strategy, from deciding to pay off the mortgage early to utilizing rental income, budgeting wisely, and making additional principal-only payments. The approach is straightforward and aims to empower readers with a practical roadmap to financial freedom....

"How I Paid Off My 30-Year Mortgage in Less Than 3 Years!" is a real eye opener for freedom seekers from decades long debt. Parker's direct approach and proven methodology offer readers a tangible path to financial independence. This [report] doesn’t deal with convoluted financial theories; it is a rather practical, step-by-step guide for anyone looking to own their home outright and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Highly-recommended!

-Reviewed by Meegan D. for - The #1 Destination for Aspiring Women Who Love to Read

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